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Want to leave my coutry...       started by ssamayoa on 13 Jul 2010   (22958)
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From ssamayoa

13 Jul 2010 2:49 PM
Hi. I'm very depress now, today an mobster threw a bomb inside a public bus where some people died. Thas just another one event on a chain of other violent events such dismember, killing, and so. I'm very scared about the future, mostly for my teen sons. I have a good job (not getting rich but pays the bills and let me live decently) but dont care if I have to start from scratch (Im 42 now...) but I see no solution (near or far) to the scalating violence in my country. Moving to another latinamerican country is not a solution (violence is scalating on all latinamerica), going to USA is out of the question (you may know why...getting from frying pan directly to the fire), so... Wondering how hard is getting into Australia? Not only for migration issues and costs but how to fit in another society, how hard to get to where I'm now and so... So, maybe now Im too depress and thinking on extreme solutions but please comment on my post. Regards.