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Landline telephone        started by dawida2010 on 13 Jul 2010   (22960)
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From dawida2010

13 Jul 2010 10:57 PM
I have got a Phillips twin cordless phone and wondered whether it can be used in AUS as a landline or do they use completely different systems there?
From jimboman

To dawida2010

14 Jul 2010 6:53 AM
Same phones, but the connection to the wall is different. Both ends of the wire are the same (the end that goes into the phone itself is the same as the end that goes into the wall). You can buy extension cable to replace it in Woolworths or any electrical store.
From tisme

To dawida2010

14 Jul 2010 11:05 AM
They will work, but if you have a problem with phone's, line's etc and a technician is called out, you may have to pay for this if it is discovered you are not using Australian Standard phones. They are cheap as chips here I would buy one here for peace of mind.
From jimboman

To tisme

14 Jul 2010 7:52 PM
The phones are exactly the same, but not marked as approved by Telstra (Telecom Australia). A new set here will cost you about $80 for a two handset system. You might as well bring them, as they will get you started.