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Break Lease in superb BURNS BEACH - Executive prop       started by paulandhannah on 14 Jul 2010   (22964)
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From paulandhannah

14 Jul 2010 6:15 PM
Immaculate 4/5 bed two-storey house in amazing Burns Beach will suit large family seeking the beach lifestyle view or call Paul on 0401795762
From jimboman

To paulandhannah

15 Jul 2010 6:49 PM
I am sure the house is very nice, but why describe it as 'executive'? I am not picking on you, as 'executive' is often used as a descriptive for things better than average and the word is now in common use. The fact is, I know a fair few 'Bogans' that live in very nice houses (very,very nice). Then again, would 'Cashed up Bogan house to rent' attract the same level of interest?
From kayandandy

To jimboman

15 Jul 2010 9:35 PM
Jimbo I think it is dodgy real estate agent talk. What irritates me about the crap written about many of the houses for sale in the Perth metro area is that when you list with certian agents you have to pay their copy writer to write the text. I insisted I saw it before it went to print. My request was ignored and the text was complete and utter crap with grammatical and spelling errors. All this cost me a mere $300. Guess who didnt part with their cash!!! That said ... here there is too much money ... and bogans are not what they used to be in our day. It is now really hard to pick a bogan. They more than likely live in the house we aspire to live in next. Skinny jeans, flannelette shirts and mullets used to be a dead giveaway ... is it now the executive house?!!!! Tongue firmly in cheek. I thought the house was very nice and if I wasnt a SOR person and loved Freo we think Burns Beach is rather a pleasant option!
From jimboman

To kayandandy

15 Jul 2010 9:57 PM
5 minutes to the beach means 5 minutes in a car at top speed with no red lights. Most people in perth live 5 minutes from the beach on that basis. 'Exclusive area' means no one else wants to live there. 'Beachside', means the suburb (at some point) boundaries on a beach. Secret Harbour is a 'beachside suburb' yet blocks are on sale now, a good 3kms from the sea. My favourite is 'investors dream'. That means a run down shack in a $hitty area that no one would buy to live in, but they may buy it as a tax loss or to rent out to some poor unfortunate who can't afford to rent anything better.
From kayandandy

To jimboman

16 Jul 2010 12:33 AM
I love 'Lock and Leave.' They use it a lot in Freo ... over one mill for a house and they suggest you can lock and leave it. I suppose though agents all over the world are like the lot here ...
From mohamm

To jimboman

22 Jul 2010 3:39 PM
Just a little suburb info for all This is a good point Jim. Secret Harbour is a very large suburb which is dissected in the middle by Warnbro Sound (Road) and ends at Ennis Avenue. If you bought a block 3k