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Colleges and Further Education       started by THEDEMON on 16 Jul 2010   (22968)
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16 Jul 2010 7:20 PM
Hello Could anyone tell us what is the education like for school leavers compared to that of the U.K. in Australia. We will be around the Perth area, more than likely NOR. Is there plenty of choices/places/oppurtunities for students in Australia ? Thanks in advance
From steveandclare


17 Jul 2010 12:22 AM
To be honest the answer is the same as in the UK, it depends on the kid. We live NOR (Joondalup) and are on the doorstep of a uni which is similar in quality and opportunity to an ex poly in the UK. I am studying for a MSc at one of the SOR Unis and there are also plenty of courses at TAFE which equate to CFE type courses in the UK.
From welshie4oz


17 Jul 2010 9:36 AM
Hello I think there is a lot more opportunity here than in the UK(most probably get shot down now lol). Not only do schools do Instep from year 10 for students to spend one day a week in a workplace for a semester, they also offer a few pre apprentiships in year 11 for gas/plumbing etc. There are plenty of TAFE colleges all around Perth offering all sorts of courses and a number of unis too. Notre Dame uni had an open day yesterday for year 10-12 students to go and spend a day looking around and meeting students there, which I think is a great idea and free too.