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Business Visa & Sponsorship       started by Lisa+Chris26 on 25 Jul 2010   (22986)
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From Lisa+Chris26

25 Jul 2010 11:52 AM
Hi, I wonder if anyone has been in our situation & can advise us what to do next.... I'll explain the best I can: My husband & I have been in Australia for 2 years on a Business Visa Sub Class 160. We have lived & worked in a low growth/regional area all that time. Our visa is due to expire on the 10th August 2010. We knew that we would never make the turnover for a Sub Class 890 so we have gone for a sponsored visa Sub Class 892 from the Queensland Government. We have put our application together for the Queensland Government, we had the business assets of $75,000 (our actual figure is $189,073) & personal & business assets of $225,000 (our actual figures are $639,687) required but we were short by $11,500 on the turnover, we only turned over $188,500 & it should have been $200,000. From what I've read on the Immigration website, if you live in a low growth regional area, then you don't have to make the turnover of $200,000. We have now had a email from Queensland Government stating that we will not be granted sponsorship because we failed to reach the turnover required of $200,000. From what I've read, this goes against everything that the immigration website says. Is there anything we can do? Can we get an extension on our Sub Class 160 visa & apply again in 1 years time & ensure that we have the turnover required? Or could we submit our application again?? Or can we submit our application to Immigration without sponsorship??? We are pretty desperate to stay & would be grateful to anyone who can give us some advice or point us in the right direction. Kind regards Lisa & Chris
From jimboman

To Lisa+Chris26

25 Jul 2010 8:54 PM
$200k seems a nice round figure. Who decided that? Surely in times of economic instability (like the GFC) people will spend less and businesses will turn over less. I would say that you have grounds (at least) for a meeting with the QLD Govt department that have turned you down. You could at least argue that their turnover figures should be 'seasonally adjusted' to take into account such things as national economic situation, interest rates, inflation and the performance of other businesses in your area or field. A business will only perform well if the environment is right. Some years, success is measured in millions, some years, success is not failing.
From Lisa+Chris26

To jimboman

26 Jul 2010 7:11 AM
Thanks for your reply. You would think that they would take into account the GFC, but the email received was very to the 'point'. The more I think about it, the more I can't believe that we have been refused sponsorship over $11,500!!! It just seems amazing. We have only 3 weeks to sell our house, business, pack our stuff & leave the country. This is totally wrong in my eyes.
From tisme

To Lisa+Chris26

26 Jul 2010 10:20 AM
Surely there are avenues of appeal. Might be an idea to seek more professional advice.
From Lisa+Chris26

To tisme

26 Jul 2010 10:45 AM
Yep, that's what were hoping for. The problem is our business visa expires on the 10th August, so doesn't give us much time.
From kayandandy

To Lisa+Chris26

26 Jul 2010 8:27 PM
Go to your local member of parliment and make a huge hoo haa over it. Threaten with the press etc ... I could see Today Tonight loving something like this. Your local member has to respond within a certian period. Also write or email the federal member of parliment .... create a storm!!! And good luck.
From Lisa+Chris26

To kayandandy

27 Jul 2010 7:38 AM
Thanks for you message. I've already written to my MP, Major & I'll wait until I hear back from them before I take it to the local paper. The problem is, my visa expires in 2 weeks time! This is a nightmare & I wished I'd stayed in the UK. If a country won't sponsor you because you're $11,000 short of your turnover, do I really want to stay, I have to ask myself????
From babs_andy

To Lisa+Chris26

27 Jul 2010 1:17 PM
Can you apply for a bridging visa? I'm not sure how those things work. My Aunt & Uncle had the same problem. They ended up purchasing a funeral home and they've not had turnover problems since!
From jimboman

To Lisa+Chris26

27 Jul 2010 7:07 PM
'This is a nightmare & I wished I'd stayed in the UK. If a country won't sponsor you because you're $11,000 short of your turnover, do I really want to stay, I have to ask myself????' On the other hand, you could ask yourself why you fell $11,000 short on turnover? There is such a thing as 'creative accounting'. At the easy end of the scale, you could have just given someone $11,000 to spend on your goods or services and you would have been home and dry. Australia has rules for business migrants, skilled migrants and former residents etc. They can't keep bending the rules to suit everybody. What you should have done, is made sure that you met the requirement of the visa. $11,000 is not a lot of money nowadays and it would seem that you have more than enough money (going from your earlier post), to have been able to 'inject' some extra turnover into your business.