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Help required reference rentals       started by darrens1 on 02 Aug 2010   (23000)
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From darrens1

02 Aug 2010 5:48 AM
In layman's terms, can somebody please explain the process of renting an unfurnished house on a short term rental (say 6 months). Also what the process is when the 6 months is up. ??? We have heard all sorts of stories !! Thanks
From tisme

To darrens1

02 Aug 2010 9:07 AM
First you have to view the property, most Agents won't allow you submit an application without a prior inspection. Once inspected you will have to submit an application form, most but not all require an application fee, equivilant to a weeks rent. If your application is successful you will have to sign the paperwork, a lease agreement, then have to pay a bond, usually it is equivilant to but not to exceed 4 weeks rent. Maybe a pet bond will be charged if you want to keep a pet at the property, and 2 weeks rent in advance, you have to pay your rent in advance each time it's paid. All this is minus the application fee you have already paid. After your lease is up you may be given the option to renew the lease or you may wish to move out. When renting make sure you go through the property condition report with a fine tooth comb, add any little nick, chip or crack that isn't listed, inside and outside the property. Get this signed by the agent and make sure you get a copy, taking dated photos of any damage can be a good idea. Be aware some Property Managers have an attitude and think they are god. 0) When you rent you are mostly required to organise yourself the connection and payment of the Power, gas supply and phone. You also pay for water usage but the agent will send you a bill for this after reading the water mater. Usually with short term lets this is'nt needed to be done it is all inclusive of the rent, but is reflected in the higher rent. With a 6 month unfurnished rental you probably will have to do this yourself. The council rates and Water rates are paid by the owner of the property. The above is generally what happens when renting.