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Swimming / Sports Scholarships / Schooling       started by darrens1 on 05 Aug 2010   (23009)
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From darrens1

05 Aug 2010 7:06 PM
Can anybody recommend a good swimming club. We have found rental accommodation in Beldon for 4 weeks then in Kalgaroo for a further 4 weeks. Whilst over in May we went to the Sports complex in Craigie which had a swimming club. We have 2 children (Daughter 13, Son 8) both swim 4 times a week and compete in galas.My son has started Biathle training (Open water swimming) We will be migrating 16/11/10 and it is our intention to get them in a swimming club so that they can start to make friends and mix with kids their own ages. Also whilst on the subject, are there any private / State schools (Catholic) that specialize in sports scholarships etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
From tisme

To darrens1

05 Aug 2010 8:04 PM
Already given you the info on specialized sports schools, here is the link. ttp://
From darrens1

To tisme

05 Aug 2010 8:16 PM
Heads in tatters and will probably will be for a while. Had that much going on planning accommodation areas work,and trying to fit work in over hear. Apologies
From fairylights

To darrens1

05 Aug 2010 9:11 PM
If you are planning to settle NOR around Beldon/Kallaroo and surrounds, then you have the choice of 2 very good swimming clubs. Breakers is the club that trains at Craigie Leisure Centre and they use an indoor 25m pool & outdoor 50m pool. Their head coach is Dani Dielesen and in my opinion is one of the best coaches in WA. His squad are mainly younger swimmers, but he has a good contingent of 13-15 year olds - they mainly train for pool swimming but also have a surf and open water squad. My kids used to train with Breakers but we moved to Arena because it was closer to home. Arena is also a good club and would be your other option from the suburbs you are staying in. They train in a 50m indoor pool. Like Breakers, Arena has a mainly younger squad and high quality coaching staff - historically, the older kids have tended to move to City of Perth or West Coast when they reach Year 11/12 or go to Uni or TAFE. I don't think there's a lot to choose between the 2 clubs - Arena is bigger & more expensive and Breakers has a better junior set up. Aqua attack train at Wanneroo aquamotion - indoor 25m and at Trinity Grammar in the City - the club has is rebuilding itself after refurbishment of aquamotion and is a bit fragmented with the swimmers who swim at Trinity being a bit of an elite bunch of mainly breaststrokers. If you live nearer the City - West Coast & UWA Uniswim train at Challenge Stadium (3x 50m pools - one indoor - 2 outdoor) and City of Perth train mostly at Beatty Park (outdoor 50m pool and indoor 25m pool - they train in outdoor 50m pool & it gets bl.... cold in winter). West Coast has a really good junior set up - City's is not so good but at present, they have many of the top level older swimmers and have a particular focus on distance swimming and open water. The programmes and coaches change all the time & there is a lot of swimmer & coach movement between clubs - the swimming season runs with the tax year now - 1st July - 30th June and swimming wa only allows one change of club per season. In terms of racing, there is a very good open water series (1.25km, 5km & 10km) which starts in Oct/Nov and runs through the summer - the short course season is from April/May til October and long course from October until nationals in April and there is usually some kind of swim meet every weekend. There is loads of info on swimming wa website - If your kids sre really heavily into their swimming Lake Joondalup Baptist college is across the carpark from Arena and lots of kids (my youngest daughter included) do morning training, have breakfast at the pool, walk to school then return after school to eat tea, do their homework and train again. It makes life a lot easier for parents and they seem to enjoy the social. For your open water swimming, you should consider surflifesaving clubs - the season starts in October - your closest club would be Mullaloo (or a bit further down the coast Sorrento & Trigg) - they all run really good sessions on Sunday mornings - There are really good clubs SOR too but I have restricted reply to NOR as I know more about this. Please PM me if you have any more questions. Janet
From darrens1

To fairylights

05 Aug 2010 9:46 PM
Fantastic.... just what i am looking for. Will absorb your response look at the various clubs and definitely PM you. I think it was the Cragie centre we visited whilst staying in Kingsley. Swam in the Outdoor 50m pool.
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05 Aug 2010 10:53 PM
Duncraig SHS also has a Triathlon program. Duncraig is considered one of the better state schools in the Northern suburbs.