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BROADBAND HELP NEEDED.......PLEASE       started by MONTROSE on 10 Aug 2010   (23020)
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10 Aug 2010 7:57 PM
Hi All the best thing about sites like this is you can ask really stupid questions and still remain here goes! I am am not technologically clued up at all, but I do know that very shortly I will be needing an new ISP. What better place than aussiemove for doing a bit of research, looking at old threads and maybe getting a bit of free advice. I type in BROADBAND and I am more confused than aver? What is ADSL1/ASDL2, ewire, VOIP, iinet, what is a router and a moden?? What exactley is wireless... compared to what? Seriously, I need everything explaining to me. Has anyone got the time to explain things to me please regards Ron
From darcy


11 Aug 2010 12:26 AM
Hi, Ithink this is right--- iinet is the company that provides the broadband service (isp) they also do your phone (landline). Depending where you live is the key to ADSL 1 (faster) or ADSL 2. (broadband)The speed depends on the phone line thst exists into your property. Voip is iinet's phone service that uses the internet to make calls. modem- this is what your isp (iinet) gives you to receive the broadband, you plug it into your phone point , and then you plug your router into the modem which allows you to use the internet without your pc/laptop being connected with a wire. CLEAR AS MUD Austin
From Kris+Rob

To darcy

11 Aug 2010 6:55 PM
If you use VOIP then you can't order movies or pay per view from foxtel. That requires a 'normal' phone line. The speed also depends on the distance from the nearest exchange: further away=slower speed.
From jimboman


11 Aug 2010 8:58 PM
The most common form of broadband is through your phone line. It is the quickest available in Australia. Wireless Broadband is slower and generally more expensive. With ADSL2, you have a phone line, a Modem (to connect you to the internet) and a computer or home network to view the internet. If you have a standard ADSL2 modem, your computers have to be physically connected to the modem to access the internet. If you have a wireless router/modem, your wireless router/modem is connected to the internet via the phoneline, but your devices can connect wirelessly via the router. This is not wireless broadband, as you still get your internet through the phoneline, it is just the last bit that is done through the 'air'. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is a phone call system that uses the internet. If you VOIP another computer that is connected to the internet, it is totally free. If you VOIP a phone number (rather than a computer) then you will pay. True wireless broadband is where the internet is 'broadc

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01 Sep 2010 6:56 PM
Thanks to everyone who offered their advice. I'm a bit wiser now!! Because I don't need a lamdline phone, I'v been advised to go with iinet and have a package called NAKED DSL. After agreeing to a 24 month contact for a very reasonable fee, I was told that is wasn't available in my area (mindarie). But they could supply me with something called dsl 1. this means having to pay for line rental - which I didn't want!