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Solar Power -Home & Pool ?? !!       started by Mindblower on 12 Aug 2010   (23024)
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From Mindblower

12 Aug 2010 1:39 PM
Hi Yall Right, i'm confused and need a little guidance solar power options. If you have a pool do you need solar power just for the pool and what system does it run off ? ie independent tothe house system ? . If you want solar for your house that is an independent system ? ie panels or water tank ? yes ? ...or can both run in tandem on one system ? Or is indeed solar power not worth it for pool, home, pool & home.... Confused.. Davey
From leigh_and_ross

To Mindblower

12 Aug 2010 2:18 PM
If you have a pool and you want to solar heat it, you have a pump - runs off the mains, which pumps the water out of the deep end of the pool, up onto the roof where the water heats up in black rubber tubes, and then the heated water is then returned to the shallow end. You do not have to have PV cells on your roof to have solar pool heating, the pump runs from a regular power supply. If you want a PV solar back to the grid system (generating electricity from the sun for general household use) -then i understand that you can put the panels over the top of the pool tubing and they compliment each other because the PV cells get hot when generating electricity, and therby help to heat the water in the tubes underneath. Most people only have a certin amount of north facing roof also - which is another reason to do this - but do the pool heating first!! Make sense?