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Dog transport.       started by lisa4545q on 18 Aug 2010   (23042)
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From lisa4545q

18 Aug 2010 2:55 AM
Hello there. We are re-locating back to Sydney in December and will be bringing our 16 month old dog with us. We have already found a DEFRA regulated vet who will be giving Ralph all his shots and will do all the blood tests, he is already microchipped. We would really appreciate any advice though on companies who take you through this process, does anyone have any transport companies that they can recommend. We are aware that there are huge differences in costs between companies. Also on a personal note, can anyone reassure me that Ralph, a jack russell cross will be ok with the flight/quarantine process, it's still 4 months away and already I am totally freaking out that the process will be too much for him, I have heard that the boarding can be spartan to say the least. Ralphs worried owner>
From Ljenks

To lisa4545q

20 Aug 2010 6:40 PM
Hi Nearly five years ago I was in the same situation. My two gsds and the cat had to go through the same process. One of my gsds has a medical condition and has to have her medication every 24 hours, the other gsd has hip dysplacia. For what I paid they should have been in 1st class sipping champagne. They all made the journey and whilst the quarrantine kennels were spartan (mine did theirs in Perth) the level of care was really good. I did go and excercise them every day and if you can't make it there are people who will go and do it for you. Mine had to stay over in Singapore as the pilot wouldn't take them on the 2nd part of the journey as they couldn't control the temperature on the plane. He did take the human passengers and after speaking to someone who was on the 2nd part of the journey I am so glad that the pilot didn't take them. I had an additional sleepless night - but they all arrived safely. I think I was more stressed than them. I used a local company and I can PM you the details. After 16 months in Perth they all had to get on the plane again to come to Brisbane so mine are very well travelled! I think moving the pet is the most stressful part of the process - you feel like you want to be there with them. Mine suffer from seperation anxiety too so I was especially anxious - however five years later I don't regret the stress at all. In fact the climate here has really helped with my dog's arthritis. By the way last year I rescued a 13 year old gsd from the pound and had him flown up from NSW. He was only 23 kgs and was in a terrible condition but he coped with the flight - I know it was a lot shorter but still a very stressful process for an older dog. I hope this puts your mind at rest.
From lisa4545q

To Ljenks

21 Aug 2010 3:58 AM
Thank you so much for your reply, I think any pet owner considering a move of such a distance can be forgiven for freaking out especially when you see all the bumpf from Australian quarantine. Can I just ask, which airline did you fly with? also did you use a pet company or did you get them through quarantine by yourself? we are undecided as which avenue to take.
From Ljenks

To lisa4545q

21 Aug 2010 8:08 AM
Hi They flew Qantas (they also flew Qantas when they flew Perth to Brisbane). I used a local kennel that had experience of exporting pets. They were fantastic and I was also able to see the size of the crate that they were in - which was very re-assuring. Whilst I did all our paperwork for our visa - I wasn't taking any chances with the animals so I got the kennel to do all the paperwork, arrange the blood tests etc If your dog's boosters are due make sure they don't include the lepto booster as this is one of the things they're tested for prior to their departure. Also if you're thinking of coming back to the UK at any point - when you arrive get the rabies injection done then your dog won't have to do quarrantine in the UK. All mine wear paralysis tick collars over here. Hope this helps.