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Recommend a good imigration agency in Perth       started by baz_nicola on 23 Aug 2010   (23056)
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From baz_nicola

23 Aug 2010 7:04 PM
Hi All Can anyone reccomend a good migration agency in Perth, or can anyone give us some advice. My friend has been here on a 12 month work permit, he did his stint on agriculture and so got his second year visa, he now has to go home at Christmas however he has been working for me for 2 months and i would like to try to sponsor him to stay and work for me. Any advise would be appreciated or any good agencys would be fab, thanks in advance. Baz
From di_chris

To baz_nicola

23 Aug 2010 7:29 PM
try Cyrus at easymigrate in perth did ours and friends have also usded him