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Question of citizenship       started by cindy42 on 27 Aug 2010   (23068)
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From cindy42

27 Aug 2010 1:48 AM
Confided in a friend/colleague that now we have citizenship we MIGHT consider going back. (have a trip booked in sept) Love OZ but many reasons pulling me back...elderley parents....etc. Anyway Friend!/ Colleague (who is British) totally turned on me...judging me and MY FAMILY...saying 'how dare i come here and get citizenship and then contemplate going back. Shocked by her response and her criticism of not just me but of my family, i am struggling to continue our friendship/working relationship. Why? Because who is she to judge me or my family ! I love Australia . I love my parents. Has anyone else experienced this dilemma? Or this level of criticism?
From fairylights

To cindy42

27 Aug 2010 10:46 AM
Some people will be jealous that you have a choice.......
From jimboman

To cindy42

27 Aug 2010 1:15 PM
In this world, it is every man for himself. You do what's best for you. I'm sure they would do the same.
From cindy42

To jimboman

27 Aug 2010 4:39 PM
Fairylights and Jimboman Thanks guys for replying. I don't usually bite but yesterday was not a good day and i guess i felt more sensative than usual. Still...i can't look at this person in the same way.
From me2you

To cindy42

27 Aug 2010 4:48 PM
we didn't really have a dilemma as such - we knew that australia wasn't for us so although we would miss certain people, we have very few reservations about returning to england. however, when we told people, some of their reactions were ridiculous - one woman at work (also english) who I barely knew had a real go at me in the staff room, telling me I was mad and that I was ruining my children's lives. I can understand that some people might think us mad if they loved australia, but it was her anger that shocked me. I just couldn't figure out why someone who was practically a stranger would be so bothered that I was going back to england. Her outburst was worse than our english friends and family when we said we was emigrating!! a friend at work suggested that perhaps this person also wanted to leave but felt trapped so was taking it out on me. strangely enough, the australians that we knew just wished us well and said 'can we visit' - it was the ex pats who were angry and upset. at the end of the day, you need to do what is right for you, ok citizenship means you can go back freely, but at the end of the day, its just a piece of paper if you don't live there. it's no business to anyone else what you do if you are not harming them. australia doesn't hand out citizenship willy nilly - you have been given it because you are clearly an assest in your time there - so think of it as serving your time! who knows what the future brings - you may well return in the future and contribute further to the australian economy and society - or you may not. but its your choice!
From kayandandy

To cindy42

27 Aug 2010 7:53 PM
cindy Many years ago my parents moved to Perth from South Africa. I left Perth fifteen years ago, Europe bound and came back two years ago with a family in tow. I have struggled to settle, and battle with many thngs about Australia. My parents couldnt understand it and took / take offence when we point out Australia's weaknesses. Literally get really really pissy. We have given up and keep our thoughts to ourselves. I think what you find is that often people are accutely aware of what they are missing out on but for fear of wobbles etc are so hell bent on being patriotic. I also think it is a bit like being an expat ... you become the defender of your land and you the stereotypical representation of the culture. My Dad is a true blue, despite being born in UK, as is my Mum despite her South AFrican heritage. As Jimboman says , each to their own ... do what you feel is right ... you have all doorrs open to you.
From cindy42

To me2you

28 Aug 2010 2:28 PM
Thanks me2you and Kayandandy. We are lucky and grateful that we have choices. Our trip back will help towards making our decision. Me2you, my friend/colleague was also quite angry but mostly i think annoyed. On reflection this person has always made a point about how wonderful OZ is, she would never go back, everything is sooo much better here ...etc to the point that she paints such a perfect picture - that i'm now wondering if it is some sort of smoke screen to hide ? some unhappiness of her own. Anyway i'm ok now and just looking forward to our trip. thanks again.