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carramar 'v' tapping primary       started by sunqueeno on 02 Sep 2010   (23082)
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From sunqueeno

02 Sep 2010 10:29 PM
We have a last found a rental in Tapping which is situated equal distance from both the schools (we would have to cross the main road for carramar) Our school of choice would have been Tapping due to us living that side but when I enquired about the pre primary for our daughter they had no vacancies at either of the schools. we have since been into Carramar primary and they were really helpful and have managed to squeeze her into pre primary, first impressions were very good and she starts on Monday. The dilema we now have is where to send her for year 1 in Feb. Just wondering if anyone has kids in either schools and what they think of them.
From baddad

To sunqueeno

04 Sep 2010 3:35 PM
Thats a tricky one to answer and I am sure many people will have their own take on it. For what it is worth I would not send my child to tapping. (Now) We have 2 children one aged 14 and the other 10 both went to tapping and to be fair my eldest came on leaps and bounds but as the school grew I became less impressed with the education my youngest received. My eldest has left - gone on to secondary school and we pulled our youngest out. The reason why we pulled him out was due to the fact that in his class all the kids did not have a desk - the head master thought this was okay and that it was fine for kids to work on the floor!!! We found this situation unacceptable and moved him. We know others that have taken their kids out of this school.
From coopersrfive

To baddad

07 Sep 2010 3:29 PM
Carramar is where my 2 boys go (11 and 9) and my daughter in feb. love it its a great school and it has a gd principle. i have only one teacher who personally needs to retire who is a dragon but apart from her i would not hesitate to recommend. It is trying to become an independant school. Lauren
From sharonkelly

To coopersrfive

08 Sep 2010 11:32 AM
my kids go to tapping at the minute , 1 in tecc which is ok but my son is in year 2 and im seriously thinking of moving him . i find the school very slack where it comes to homework etc .
From Kieren

To sunqueeno

08 Sep 2010 2:43 PM
Our daughter (8 this weekend gone), went to Carramar. Its OK but we weren't over impressed. The schooling wasn't anywhere near enough for her inquisitive mind and she got bored very quickly. She started at pre-primary and we saw her decline both intellectually and in her personality through those few years. We looked at Tapping and decided a definite choice against it. She started at Banksia Grove Catholic Primary at Banksia Grove the start of this present term, midway through the school year, and she has become much more confident in her self again, with a new fresh outlook on learning. We can't praise BGCS enough. The teachers are wondeful and take personal interests in the kids as it is such a small school (1 class per year group, as opposed to 4 classes per year group in our daughters year). There IS homework (defo more that Carramar, and a better quality of homework), but nothing over tasking, its very well balanced. The other issue we had with Carramar was how (and this is from our own experience), when a year group studying the same topic, incurssions and excersions where for single classes, and not for the year group. ie 1 class of the year group had practical trips or people coming in to the school, but only for that class. The other classes miss out. The teachers didn't seem to communicate with each other over the topics being covered either, so the level of knowledge was different in each class on the same topic. But that was just one issue. Carramar started out good for us, but I think that was more about it being fresh to us and a new experience, but pulling her out and moving school was the best thing we could have done for her. The difference is very noticeable, but people obviously wont see that until they do it. At the end of the day its what YOU feel happy with. Its one of those decisions that you need to make, but don't always get roped in to what other peoples views of things are. Its a long learning curve being in WA, and Im still surprised just how many concrete decisions people make (especially new migrants) based on hearsay from those who actually don't know that much better. As I said, this is just our own experience and comments based on what we have gone through and seen. You decide if you take it with a pinch of salt or not. Cheers, KIEREN
From sharonkelly

To Kieren

08 Sep 2010 5:15 PM
ive heard that BGCS is really good , we had neighbours move their kids there from tapping and they love it . i had thought about BGCS but as we arent catholic i dont know what our chances would be like. thanks for the info .
From Kieren

To sharonkelly

08 Sep 2010 5:54 PM
We're not Catholic - if anything, I'm more Gnostic, but our family is CofE. We had no trouble getting her in following an interview. It IS private, but fees are absolute minimum compared to other schools mentioned on this forum. Their education authority/details can be found here: There is some sway (obviously) towards the teachings of the Catholic religion, but thats fine with me/us just so long as they aren't seriously 'force fed' religion. But thats just something I have a personal issue with! One thing we did notice in Carramar was that things like Easter etc were almost washed over, and some of the kids in Hollys class just hought it was a time to receive chocolate or draw pictures of bunny rabbits! Again, while I'm not a religious person, I do think its important for children to learn about those mainstream kind of things and why they occur every year, irrespective of my own views. With BGCS our daughter will also now properly learn about Easter, Christmas etc, which are important aspects of both life and growing up. In this aspect, I think the problem with Carramar (to us) was that because of the wide spread section of religion/community/ethics/etc, they struggled to adapt to suit a 'one size fits all' system. At least BGCS is a Catholic School, and so teachs in such a manner. And you need to accept that before going through the application process. Cheers, KIEREN