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Good mixed Grammar School recommendation needed       started by darrens1 on 24 Sep 2010   (23128)
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From darrens1

24 Sep 2010 5:54 AM
Can anybody advise of a good mixed Grammar School in Perth ? NOR or SOR Thanks Darren
From Marshy

To darrens1

24 Sep 2010 9:09 AM
There are no Grammar Schools here. Best state schools in Perth are: Shenton College Churchlands SHS Rossmoyne SHS Willeton SHS Applecross SHS Duncraig SHS Lots of other schools both NOR and SOR. Catchment areas apply for State schools. Although schools can accept your out of catchment request if they have room. Very unlikely at the top state schools though, particularly Rossmoyne. Perth Modern is a fully selective school which means you have to sit an entrance exam to get in, that is the nearest you are going to get to a Grammar. It is in Subiaco. Private, well that is a whole new ball game. Loads of them ranging from $5k per year to over $15k per year. Anglican, Catholic, Baptist. Hope that helps.