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converting videos to upload on facebook       started by sunqueeno on 30 Sep 2010   (23140)
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From sunqueeno

30 Sep 2010 11:41 PM
Hi all was hoping someone could advise me what files I should convert my camcorder videos into to upload them onto facebook or send as e-mail. We bought an expensive camcorder so we could video the kids and send to family via facebook. The format they are saved as on the sd card isn't compatible with facebook so I have put a converting program on my pc however I dont know which format is best to convert them into. I had a 2 minute recoding which I converted to an mpeg 3 and it said it would take 2 hours to upload. I am really rubbish at this type of thing so was wondering if someone could help. Thanks
From sarah+darren

To sunqueeno

01 Oct 2010 10:47 PM
Hi Lindsey, it takes forever to upload videos on facebook, your probably better off downloading it from the SD card and sending it via email, alot quicker. Sarah
From sunqueeno

To sarah+darren

05 Oct 2010 12:56 AM
Thanks Sarah, not having much luck with that either, says it exceeds the size! Never mind. Will have to put the clips on a DVD and send them to UK. Lindsey
From simonc

To sunqueeno

05 Oct 2010 1:34 PM
You havent said what format your camcorder outputs to? Auto GK is one of the better free tools for what you would like to do depending on what format you have - an mpeg will work, get it here: - the download link is in the middle of the page where it says { Download this file now ] Run the installer and it will set up the program and a couple of plugins which manage the audio and video conversion. Once installed open the program from the start menu > autogk > autogk. Select your input file and output location in step 1. In step 3 select 'custom size' and put in the output file size you require. Alternatively choose target quality and reduce it by percent. Under step 4 - advanced settings you can play with the audio and video settings individually, eg reduce the sound quality while maintaining video. You can also preview. When you are done with the settings , click add job and start and it will convert the file to a compressed AVI Be aware that the more you compress it the more lossy the quality will be, though for youtube, you can get away with that. Also, youtube has a max limit of 100mb upload I beleive. For further info...this is a good site..... Good luck.
From sunqueeno

To simonc

05 Oct 2010 11:51 PM
hi Thanks for this. Got as far as selecting the input file and it said my video clip was not supported! Think I might have to see if I can change the way the videos are stored on the SD card or maybe store them on the internal hard drive! I hate computers!!!