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Teenage boys       started by lynn on 06 Oct 2010   (23155)
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From lynn

06 Oct 2010 1:58 PM
Hi, does anyone have any 17 year old boys there that can help me, my son is sooooo unhappy and bored here in Adelaide, says theres nothing to do, so we are relocating to Perth in January, is there lots to do for this age group, he loves soccer so thats no prob just really want him to be happy again. Thanks any advice will be great.
From sarah+mick

To lynn

07 Oct 2010 6:51 PM
Hi we have just moved to North Perth ,Mullaloo and there seems to be a fair bit to do you just have to look for it. Surf club, football, swimming all that sort of stuff. We have a 11, 13, 14 & a 16 year the younger ones have all joined clubs but the older one just wants to work so he can earn money for his driving lessons and a scooter Hope this helps Mick
From jayjas

To lynn

08 Oct 2010 1:13 PM
Hi We have son who will be 17 in April and daughter who will be 16 in jUne we live in Ocean reef, they absolutely love it here to be honest they are never home on the holidays. We have been here for just 18 months and they have settled in great, if your son loves sport and the beach he will be laughing, get him to join soccer club and that way he will make friends and his social life will take off. My son also works part time he is currently having driving lessons test on tuesday!which then will open up so much freedom. If you want to know anymore just mail me I will do anythin I can to helo, unhappy kids just makes it so much harder for you ,wishing you lots of luck Jayne