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explain dental care!       started by sunqueeno on 14 Oct 2010   (23168)
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From sunqueeno

14 Oct 2010 10:43 PM
Hi all Could someone please explain the dental care system to me please. This is the last thing we have got left to sort out and everyone I have spoken to aren't even registered with a dentist as they say it is too expensive!! Do I have to be seen privately and is there any concession if you are a health card holder? Also am I right thinking the Kids get seen through school? Thanks everyone
From moirclan

To sunqueeno

14 Oct 2010 11:06 PM
most dentist are private , and you pay , if you have auxillary private health insurance , then you get some thing towards the cost , if you go private auxillary insurance they generally have a list of dentists that they work with , that leave you less out of pocket , or you can choose your own dentist and you pay the bill and then go to your insurer and get a percantage of the bill back , if you call into hbf or medibank they will explain it all much better to you , your children are covered through their schooling for general dental until they are seventeen , if they require more complex treatment like orthadontal then again you pay your self or use your private insurance . keepall out of pocket expenses for doctors , prescriptions , physio , optical dental etc if they amount to over two thousand a year [ i think this is the correct amount for a family] then you can put the costs against your tax and claim a percantage back over the first two thousand , [ eg this is easily done if you were paying orthadontal costs as its expensive ]