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Visa 457       started by Pippyskip on 01 Nov 2010   (23199)
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From Pippyskip

01 Nov 2010 8:36 AM
Hello! anyone have any experience of 457 visa? I have a job lined up, we've had our medicals so i'm not sure how long we're looking at timeline wise... Any advise appreciated! thanks :-)
From paandejo

To Pippyskip

01 Nov 2010 3:29 PM
Hi there, Can be very quick sometimes...within a couple of weeks. Can I ask you if you are a nurse, why you are coming on a 457? Cheers Ann
From kildrummy

To Pippyskip

01 Nov 2010 5:16 PM
457 visas are good if you wish to remain an expat. As an expat you can receive a tax free living away from home allowance. If i remember correctly the maximum allowance is just over $50k pa. Only useful if you are working for a company willing to pay such an allowance. As soon as you get PR status any such allowances become taxible. On the down side as a 457 you are not entitled to any state or federal benefits and you must have a high level of medical insurance which can be quite expensive if the company is unwilling to pick up the tab.
From Pippyskip

To kildrummy

02 Nov 2010 9:12 AM
Hi there, i tried for a skilled visa but i didnt have enough points, don't really understand why as i passed my ielts etc. Anyway, it seems to be going well on the 457. Where can i get insurance quotes for medical insurance from? thanks Kx
From Cedric

To Pippyskip

14 Nov 2010 5:49 PM
I came here on a 457 visa at the end of 2006. They are not very popular politically as the unions see them as cheap foreign labour taking jobs from Australians. However, in my case there was a genuine shortage of my profession (a branch of medical imaging) in Western Australia and I was paid the going rate for the job. I was sponsored in by a large radiology practice with experience of 457s. As I was 49 years old at the time it was my only way in. After a few months here and just before my 50th birthday, my employer sponsored me for Permanent Residence. As I was already on-shore this got processed fairly quickly and in about 3 months I had my PR. My wife, daughter and I are still very happy to be Australian residents and will apply to become citizens next year. The processing of the 457 seemed to take quite a few months. I applied in July and it was early November before it was approved. It then took us until December to organise the removals and actually move here. There are some disadvantages to a 457, especially as there is no certainty of PR at the end of it. A 457 can be for up to four years but mine was for two. If you do want to stay permanently it is a way to get over here. Sorry, but I have no knowledge of current processing times.
From Pippyskip

To Cedric

14 Nov 2010 6:38 PM
thanks Cedric :-)
From Cedric

To Pippyskip

16 Nov 2010 11:49 AM
Regarding health insurance: there is a reciprocal agreement with the UK, so you can get a Medicare card while you are a temporary resident. We did eventually take out health insurance (HBF), but only after we had become permanent residents so I don't know if there is any loading for being on a temporary visa. The living away from home allowance mentioned elsewhere seems to be a bit dodgy and was never offered by my employer. As I said, I got the going rate for the job, anyway. In my case, at my age, the 457 was the only available option and any disadvantages were outweighed by the eventual benefits.