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State Migration Plan       started by jackfrew on 01 Nov 2010   (23201)
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From jackfrew

01 Nov 2010 10:09 PM
Hi everyone. Was up last night to after midnight to see if Western Australia would release there SMP. As there site had been down since Friday afternoon. Guess what nothing so disappointed. Victoria has released there SMP, and Davie's trade has a minimum of 5 years now. Thats OK for us, as he had been in the trade 22 years. Fingers crossed it gets released soon, if not we will start looking at another State's. Sharon
From Debra

To jackfrew

06 Nov 2010 7:16 AM
Hi Sharon, We keep looking lets hope it happens soon! I thought all states would have released its SMP at the same time!! Obviously not!! Fingers crossed it won't be long All the best Debbie and Sean