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QUESTION       started by jackfrew on 06 Nov 2010   (23210)
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From jackfrew

06 Nov 2010 3:03 AM
Hi everyone, Just a quick question, I have noticed a few people are coming back to the UK or going home. As we are not out in OZ, I just want to know why? Is it because you miss family and friends. Is it hard to make friends? Do the kids find it hard to settle in school or make friends? Or is it you just miss what you know? Asking so we know what to expect. Sharon
From cindy42

To jackfrew

06 Nov 2010 12:21 PM
Hi This is difficult to answer as people have very different reasons. Perth is a beautiful place, no doubt about it. Sun sea surf beautiful beaches. Family orientated. Some of the reasons we want to return include isolation, perth is very quiet, especially of an evening. This doesn't bother most, but we miss the 'buzz' of a city. (my perspective) Education, different here. My kids miss after school activities. Not much after school activities occur here(in our experience). At the boys old school there was a calender with something happening every day. For eg, dance club, kids club, football, music, etc. Here some of these activities do occur at the local community centre but school was generally the focus and great as it started straight after school ended and took place in the school grounds. Perth is spread out, so for me work wise thats a lot of travelling. Most people don't mind but after a while it is very tiring. I have found as well it is 'who you know, not what you know' but that may be the case in a lot of places. Please remember these are our views. We miss family and friends and certainly underestimated just how much. We do find it expensive here. Average house price is now $400,000 in a reasonable area. There appears to be a high rate of drug and alcolhol problems but probably no different to the uk. But it does exist. Like i said at the beginning, perth is a beautiful place and your experience will be different to ours. Wish you all the best on your move to OZ. cindy x
From Ange

To jackfrew

09 Nov 2010 8:33 PM
Hiya That is a hard question as every ones reason for moving etc is different and varied. Personally I think home is where you make it. We moved over here to Perth from New Zealand 3.5years ago with our two small boys, who at the time we 1.5years and 3.5years old. At first I was extremely homesick (I missed my mum terribly) but eventually got over that and now LOVE Perth. Because we moved here and knew no one, and had no family we just relied on each other and it brought our family closer together. Sure its hard when both my husband and I want to go out and we dont have a babysitter, but we work around that. The children settled relatively quickly and have a lot more opportunites over here in Australia compared to NZ. If you want to make friends, you have to go out and really make the effort. I joined playgroups and really put myself out there. I now have loads of friends and found that others were in the same situation ie immigrated and knew no one and wanted to make new friends etc. Sure I miss somethings in NZ, but I get my little fix from the Kiwi Shop, hope on the phone to friends and family and do webcam etc. I know of many families that have immigrated back to where they first came from. I think you have to want to settle, make the effort and really try. This move was the best thing we have done for our family and we love the aussie lifestyle. As we have 2 boys, they are outside most of the time in this lovely weather, do after school sports and activties etc. We head down to the beach when it gets too hot and swim in the sea, have loads of bbqs and have embraced the laid back aussie lifestyle. Sorry I hope I havent rambled. This is my personal experience and I hope I havent offended anyone. Good luck on your journey. I hope I have answered some of your questions x