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renting       started by PTIvory52 on 07 Nov 2010   (23212)
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From PTIvory52

07 Nov 2010 12:36 PM
Can anybody tell me if I am able to break my lease in the house I am in on the grounds that the landlord has now decided to inform me that they wish to sell the property two months into a year lease. If I was aware of this at the time I signed up I would have just kept looking until I found another house. Any help would be great.
From tisme

To PTIvory52

07 Nov 2010 1:03 PM
Talk to the property manager, the owners may rather sell their property vacant than with a lease on it, so may be happy for you both to cancel the lease agreement. It would attract more interest without the lease on the property. Your lease will stand even if the house is sold, so you don't have to move until the lease has expired. It's just a bit inconvient living in a house on the market. Trouble is you may have rented a different house and exactly the same thing could have happened there too. Thats the risk in renting.