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YOBS       started by JacquiandAndy on 08 Nov 2010   (23213)
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From JacquiandAndy

08 Nov 2010 12:03 AM
Hi I was wondering if anyone out there can give me some information. I have read on some other posts that people are coming back to blighty due to yobs etc., this is one of the reasons that we are moving to Australia to get away from the yob culture that has become a part of life in Britain. How bad is this in different parts of Australia and has it got as bad as Britain yet? What are the best and worst parts of Australia? Kind regards Jacqui
From Gill+Mark+Girls

To JacquiandAndy

08 Nov 2010 12:57 AM
I don't think there is any 'safe' country that is void of yobs and drunken behaviour - sadly. I would say that crime is less of an issue here - perhaps due to WA in particular not being over populated. I can't comment on any other part of Australia but hopefully someone else will. I suppose also that it depends where in the UK you live to know how that would compare to here. We were aware of yobs etc in the UK, but thankfully never first hand. If we wanted to witness this, we could have gone for a night out in the local town centre but we never chose to do this! I don't know of anyone going back to the UK because of yobs in Australia. I know (ourselves included) that people are returning due to missing friends and family, the expense of living here etc, but I haven't heard of anyone going back because of crime. If you live in a 'bad' area of the UK and your day-to-day life is affected by jobs and drunks, then I'm sure you would want to move away. If like us, you lived in a pretty average area of the UK, then there really is no difference here in terms of yobs etc. This is our experience anyway - I hope that helps!
From JacquiandAndy

To Gill+Mark+Girls

08 Nov 2010 2:44 AM
Hi Thanks for your reply, I live in a really good area but I know that in the centre of town there is a lot of yobs and drunken behaviour and it really upsets me that Edinburgh has become so bad with teenagers and young adults behaving in the most inappropriate ways. Kind regards Jacqui
From me2you

To JacquiandAndy

08 Nov 2010 10:25 PM
I don't think people move back just because of the yobs etc - I think its more a realisation that the problems they had in the uk are also there in australia - then add in missing family and friends and you don't think life is overall any better even with the sunshine. no place is crime free and perth is no exception. a night out in joondalup is just like a night out in any city centre with drunks, fights and general anti social behaviour. even outside the joondalup shopping centre on late night shopping was becoming more like england with youngsters hanging around smoking drinking and swearing, still in their school uniforms. also - i felt less safe on the train in perth than i ever have in england. I don't think its as bad in perth as in some city centres in uk - but again it depends on where you live. perth now getting so expensive that to live in the 'good areas' is out of many migrants reach.we have been back in england just over a year now and the anti social behaviour here in england does still annoy me, but I now realise its everywhere and just a part of modern life it seems.