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visa declined       started by pauladavid on 09 Nov 2010   (23217)
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From pauladavid

09 Nov 2010 10:36 PM
my best friend has just had her holiday visa declined after waiting a year and a half, im gutted ,the thought of never seeing her again, as i have 4 wee kids ,i can never afford to take a family of six back to the uk. she was declined as she has a criminal record albeit twenty years ago when she was a teengage, and has never been in trouble or since. one bad thing she did in the past has come back and bit her well and truely in the but. Im not naive,nor do i condone criminal activity, but jesus it was twenty bloody years ago. anyone got any advise.
From Marshy

To pauladavid

10 Nov 2010 12:47 AM
What sort of visa was it? My family never applied for a visa when coming here on holiday. Travel agent just organised an ETA and any criminal convictions had to be decl
From cathntone

To pauladavid

10 Nov 2010 4:53 AM
She needs the advice of an agent really and it might be too late now that she has been declined. Marshy: you run the risk of being sent back before being allowed in. An ETA is not suitable for anyone with a criminal conviction.