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Transporting Dogs!       started by Pippyskip on 14 Nov 2010   (23222)
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From Pippyskip

14 Nov 2010 10:29 AM
Hey guys, please help me out, i am awaiting my 457 visa and am planning on bringing my dogs out but its so expensive i can't afford it straight away, i can get my mom in law to look after them for a few months while i save the cash.... but... can i do that? can i leave the dogs with a family member and be living in Aus while they get sent out?? Christ! i thought this was gonna be the easy bit but tbh its heart breaking, the kids dont want to come without the dogs and to be honest neither do i but i dont have a money tree!!!
From sdb

To Pippyskip

14 Nov 2010 4:45 PM
Hi We came out the same day as our dog, But dont panic my friend moved out and left her great dane with friends untill she was able to come out. But your mum will have to get all the bloods etc done at the vets, shop around for prices we used golden arrow, very good but not the cheapest. The fees at the station are not cheap and they are on top of what you pay to get them over. Good luck with the visa Anita
From Pippyskip

To sdb

14 Nov 2010 6:42 PM
Thanks! :-)
From coopersrfive

To Pippyskip

26 Nov 2010 3:21 PM
Hi i am using all care pet transport from this end, i sorted all rabies vaccinations and blood test out myself. my dogs are being left in Perth until i am set up in the UK the transport co recommended boarding near airport and take them from my place to boarding then boarding to plane. It is much better for the pet to have somewhere settled to come to and i want to get organised before my 2 come . its a scary time and i hope you find a company you connect with good luck Lauren