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Melbourne       started by KarenS on 25 Nov 2010   (23237)
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From KarenS

25 Nov 2010 10:12 AM
Hi Guys not been on here for a while but was a regular a few years ago. Other half has been offered a job in Melbourne (Ballarat to be precise)and as we only have experience of living in Perth I was wondering if anyone on here could provide us with some insight into what Melbourne and Ballarat is like. We are also interested in hearing from anyone who has made the move with a 15 year old who had already started working towards their GCSEs here in the UK prior to moving out to OZ. We are concerned that we may affect our 15 year old studying for his academic qualifications by moving back to OZ at this critical time. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Karen
From babs_andy

To KarenS

25 Nov 2010 4:17 PM
Hi Karen, Firstly, Ballarat is a country town. A large one but a country town nonetheless. It is about two hours from Melbourne and has reasonable train connections to the city about 1.5 hour journey time. I've been to Ballarat a few times. I think it is a lovely town though not sure what teenagers would think. I am also not sure what it would be like for finding jobs. It is growing popular for city folk to move there as the city itself is getting too expensive to buy in. Sovereign Hill is there which I love! Great day out. Lots of Aussie history stuff there as it played a major role in the Australian Gold Rush and with the Eureka Stockade (the only armed rebellion in Aus history). It also has a lot of great places/towns nearby to visit, such as Daylesford. The best person to ask about Ballarat though is KathrynG if she is still on Aussiemove. Her son is at Ballarat Uni so he'll know more about it. I will email her and tell her to get on. She now lives in Tassie but may have info. Melbourne is a big city. Much much bigger than Perth. Always lots on. Very diverse. Weather over the past 10yrs we've been here has been hot and dry, however this spring has been very wet. The drought has definitely broken. I should mention that I think Ballarat is the wettest or coldest part of Victoria. Victoria is good in that fact that you don't have that far to drive to visit somewhere else. There's also lots of smaller towns/villages closer together. If you have any questions, just ask. Barb
From KathrynG

To KarenS

28 Nov 2010 5:08 PM
Hi Ballarat is about 2 hours outside of Melbourne. It is a biggish very beautiful city with a university, beautiful school buildings and reasonable priced houses. Our son is at the university there. It is not really part of Melbourne as you can tell by the distance. Melbourne is an awesome city but the houses are very expensive even in the suburbs. We moved with teenagers three years ago to Melbourne, Isaak was year 9, Adam just finished his GCSEs and Harry was in primary. No matter what you do, the system and school year is different, we found it made it difficult for our eldest two. I would wait until he/she has done their GCSE's, this will mean they can go into Year 11 when they get here (they finish secondary at Year 10 here) and sixth form is year 11 and 12. Our eldest got his GCSE's and was put directly into year 12 with a ton of credits for his GCSE's towards his enter score, but it was a mistake, he struggled as the system is so different. I would recommend your son/daughter gets their GCSE's and then comes here and goes into Year 11 with the credits they will be awarded for them, do not be talked into putting them into Year 12. They will be better in the long run. If your hubby can take the job could you son/daughter stay with relatives in the UK to finish their schooling then you come back for them, If you need any more info please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope this makes sense.