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uk dvd player work        started by harlow1 on 28 Dec 2010   (23290)
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From harlow1

28 Dec 2010 10:48 PM
HI all firstly merry xmas! just wonderd if my dvd player is gonig to work in oz becouse when we came home in 08 the dvd player we had did not work in uk, is it the same taking uk one to oz? cheers mark
From Cedric

To harlow1

29 Dec 2010 1:29 AM
It will work. However, it may only be able to play British DVDs (Region 2) unless it is a multi-region player. Australian DVDs are Region 4. Depending on the player you may be able to make it multi-region by putting in a special code with the remote (look this up on the internet). If not you should still bring it if you are bringing British DVDs, as it will still work with them.