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Hello.... introducing myself       started by CharmedP3 on 03 Jan 2011   (23304)
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From CharmedP3

03 Jan 2011 9:40 PM
Hi...thought I'd introduce myself... just found this forum a few days ago. I am Rachel. Married to Martin, a welder and we have two kids (girls) aged 9 and 3. We got our PR 176 on Dec 2nd after nearly 2 years and are heading to Perth (Secret Harbour) on January 19th.... I finish work this Friday and Martin finishes next week. The shippers are here on the 17th and we have lots of little get togethers with friends and family over the next two weeks (no big party) a busy two weeks ahead of us...but I am SO SO excited it's untrue LOL... Up until yesterday I was mixed with excitement and a little sense of bricking it too LOL..but this morning I have woken up like a kid on Christmas Day.....
From Debra

To CharmedP3

04 Jan 2011 6:17 AM
Hi Rachel, Congratulations!! Did it take you 2 years to get your visa then? wow that seems like forever did you use an agent or do it yourselves? We are doing ours as we did ours last time and it only took about 6 months!! Just wanted to wish you good luck on your move and so jealous you are getting away from this very cold winter!! wish we could. All the Best Deb and Sean