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EMPLOYED/SELF EMPLOYED (ABN) OR SUB CONTRACTOR       started by Sharron+Mick on 05 Jan 2011   (23311)
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From Sharron+Mick

05 Jan 2011 9:18 PM
Confused - Work full time, recieve a weekly wage, have tax taken weekly, super paid, have company van, fuel and tools supplied. DO NOT receive any holiday pay or sick pay. Can get hold of wage slips if i need them but receive a group cert at the end of every tax year. Group Cert has my ABN number on it WHY? does this class me as Employed full time, a Subcontractor or Self Employed ??? No one ever seems to be able to give us a direct answer and even our accountants have been confused by this. Can anybody throw any light on this? is it just the construction side that is this confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.