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Australia Expo's?       started by debs1966 on 21 Feb 2011   (23415)
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From debs1966

21 Feb 2011 7:15 PM
Hi Guys I am now starting to looking for any worthwhile Expo's to go to before we head out to Perth in August of this year. I have found a couple that may be interested to anybody in the UK as follows:- Down Under Live London 5 and 6 March Working in Australia Expo Manchester 19 March Also, NAB Bank run a really good and informative briefing every so often I have the date of 30th March in Leeds as there next one. Anyone needs to register for this it is worth ringing their offices in London Tel. 0208 614 9320. Does anybody know of any others coming up this year if so, can you please post them on the site for anybody wanting to go through the process or may already have their visa. Many thanks Debbie