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heavy mechanics practical       started by majesticric on 24 Feb 2011   (23419)
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From majesticric

24 Feb 2011 7:30 AM
just done my vetassess practical fof anyone out there about to do theirs heres how my day went, venue College of north west london (first time vetassess used this, so was very hap hazard dont think the assessor had all the stuff he wanted there) there was no trucks or buses only mock ups of various vehicle systems i'e an axle, an air brake layout on a board, an engine on a stand, starter motors and batteries on benches etc. we even had to do a cooling system pressure test on a vauxhall vectra! the assessor himself was very good made you feel relaxed amd was very helpful, all but gave you the answers. i got the impression all he was looking for was to see if you are a mechanic and not a fraud, so as long as you had some basic knowledge of each test you was ok. (i myself am a bus/coach mechanic so had no idea about trucks, once he knew this all questions where related to buses.) the day started at 8.00 am with a little intro then around an hour on health and safety, there was a booklet to fill in but the assessor went though it with us and told us any answers we didnt know or where unsure about. (some terminologly was confusing) then we went to the workshop and was given an system to look at and a tasK to do, i.e take off a drum brake and wheel hub, then wait for him to return, he would then ask a few basic questions about it, like what do you think of the brake linnings etc. this went on for most of the day, during the day we was given an other booklet to fill in this time more mechanically based questions (again nothing to hard, very basic stuff) at the end of the day around 4ish we went though the booklet as a group and any questions were talked over untill the right answer was given. my advice - do a little revision about stuff you dont do day to day, stuff you aint done since college, dont worry too much its all very VERY basic stuff. a first year apprentice could pass it! any other question please PM me