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Ocean Reef       started by morleylamb on 25 Feb 2011   (23420)
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From morleylamb

25 Feb 2011 1:05 AM
Havn't been to Perth for about a year or so, has the Development that was planned for the Hillaries type complex at the Marina got of the ground yet?
From moirclan

To morleylamb

25 Feb 2011 2:40 AM
thats been in the pipe line for many years lol they rezoned it and put in approval for units , shops etc then no intrest [no money around to invest [ so they shrunk the redevelopment , and nothing had happened , its fine for council to put in their plans and ideas , but who exactly is going to invest that kind of money >?,and i heard [ dont know if its true ] that the land available would be lease hold nor frehold , why on earth would anyone invest the kind of money needed when the land is lease hold
From Kieren

To morleylamb

25 Feb 2011 11:49 AM
Yes it is still going ahead. The original concept has been redefined to bring it all back inline with original budget. The original scheme was extensively over priced and thus it was an unviable option. This has since been re-worked and is now much more acceptable to spending budgets. quote: 'Council endorsement of the amended plan was a significant and important milestone, as the Ocean Reef Marina development project, which had widespread community support, was now financially viable and ready to move forward.' Check out the links from Dec 2010. The second one gives a detailed staus report since 2009: KIEREN