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Butler for 6 weeks       started by kendalg on 25 Feb 2011   (23423)
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From kendalg

25 Feb 2011 9:29 PM
I've been finding it really hard to find accommodation for our arrival at the start of September that will allow dogs. Anyway, we have seen a beautiful modern house in Butler but remember reading not so nice reviews on Butler through the forums. Is Butler really that bad as we would only be using it as a base and how is the access to transport up there to get into CBD? Any information would be really appreciated. Thanks Kendal
From moirclan

To kendalg

26 Feb 2011 3:55 AM
theres nothing wrong with butler , nice parks not to aar from the beach etc , public transport not good nearest train station would be at clarkson about a 5/10 min drive , which would be the quickest way of getting to the cbd , some people complain about butler saying it is small plots suburbia , full of poms i know loads of aussies that live there
From Sharron+Mick

To kendalg

26 Feb 2011 11:57 AM
We have lived in Butler for almost 4 years now. Its a beautiful suburb that is still at the moment maintained by satterleys. It has plenty of parks and open spaces, all the shops that you need and to top it all it has the 2 beautiful lakes which is a very popular place for concerts and fairs etc. In all honesty I feel it has taken a slight nose dive and I believe its probably due to a small number of families and their children that have caused this. Also the new addition just over the road from Butler in Jindalee a 24 hour Hungry Jacks fast food joint. Why they have to have it 24 hours when its so close to houses is beyond believe but it does attract sometimes the wrong type of attention and has become abit of a late nite meeting place. The ppl in Butler are lovely, yes there are alot of POMS but there are alot of Ozzies here too. Eventually we will move on from Butler but only because I believe when Satterleys stop the maintenance then the suburb will go down hill quickly. At the moment we are still happy living here along with everyone else. Sometimes you just got to go with your heart and not always believe what you hear or read. Gud luck x
From kendalg

To Sharron+Mick

26 Feb 2011 7:18 PM
Thanks for that. I think we are going with the Butler one for the 6 weeks and appreciate everyone's comments. There seems plenty to do for the kids to keep them busy while we look for a longer term rental. Kendal