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Fingers Crossed       started by CHEWITT_1973 on 01 Mar 2011   (23427)
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From CHEWITT_1973

01 Mar 2011 6:57 AM
Well after sending out loads of cv's, persistance has finally paid off and I have a job interview on Wednesday in London with a company who are based world wide and their head office in oz is in Sydney. I know Sydney is not our first choice but beggars cant be choosers and who knows what may happen in the future if I get the job. Regards Dave
From rockinghorse


01 Mar 2011 10:45 AM
Hi Dave, Good look with the job interview. You will love Sydney it's fantastic. Don't worry about the spiders etc. You will be just fine. We actually had many more spiders in Victoria than we do in Qld. We would often see red backs and white tails in Vic. We haven''t seen any here. Just get your house sprayed!
From sdb


01 Mar 2011 2:16 PM
Hi NSW is a great state maybe not so hot as the other states, which means you can get about a bit more during the summer. Yes its hot today and when can get heatwaves too. I had to choice between NSW and Queensland, and we opted for NSW, we are just over an hour from Sydney. Give Sydney a chance and you will love the place Good Luck with the interview Anita