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Concerns from the missus...       started by CHEWITT_1973 on 01 Mar 2011   (23428)
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From CHEWITT_1973

01 Mar 2011 7:04 AM
Having relised that we may be moving to sydney (instead of perth) my wife has serious concerns about the creepies that may exist in sydney. Shes heard that there are a lot more spiders in the east than west, is there any truth in this...? Regards Dave (zoe 'the wife', is the one panicking...!!)
From sdb


01 Mar 2011 2:12 PM
Hi we are in NSW, its a great place, not in Sydney it's self, but the sights near are great, As for creepies, yes lots of spiders but if you keep your house windows free of webs etc you dont really see that many, but they are around. The main one to watch out for in sydney is the funnel web a nasty spider!! I havent seen one yet and i live right near the bush, so yes i see alot more than when i lived in the town. I just have lots of spray to hand and spray when i see one and I give the rooms a spray every other day too. Get the house sprayed to by a pest controller Any questions i will try to help. Anita