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Pool Fencing Dilemma -Glass v Tubular       started by Mindblower on 04 Mar 2011   (23434)
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From Mindblower

04 Mar 2011 10:58 PM
Hi All Seeking advice please.. We will need 2 sides of pool fencing in right angle ...quite longish 10mx 10 m panel or tubular ?. Glass looks better, but more expensive, also more cleaning and prone to possible storm damage......can't get off the fence to decide (excuse the pun)- help please. Dave
From Kieren

To Mindblower

08 Mar 2011 2:03 PM
Check out Bunnings glass pool fencing. Very cheap price - but very good quality. Know someone who has recently installed it. Its a DIY job, and if you go for the floor mount system, looks WAY better than the post system. All fully complient with Aus standards, will just save you thousands of $$'s by doing it yourself. Cheers