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Apply with agent or no ?       started by Marisa_Nuno on 23 Mar 2011   (23466)
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From Marisa_Nuno

23 Mar 2011 9:39 AM
Hello I'm very happy to find Aussie, i've read some question from many people :) we are from Portugal (Europe) and me and my boyfriend and my 7 year old son we want to go to Australia, we would love to get to Perth in prior but if we can't another place/state would be grate, my question is if you could please help us, we are going to the australian embassy that deals with emigration process so we can know how to aplly for a visa, our problem is that we don't have any Skill's requested on the Sol list so we could aplly directly for a Visa, so i was wondering if you can help us where can we find a good agent so it can help us to get to Australia, or if you can help us in how can we get by another way.. My boyfriend is an Aviation Security Supervisor, he has diploma's , i have only Administrative diploma and many years of experience in Rent a Car business.. if this can help you to help us :) I love what i've been reading, i hope you can help me Regards Marisa