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FREE NAB Bank Migration Seminar in Leeds       started by debs1966 on 23 Mar 2011   (23469)
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From debs1966

23 Mar 2011 5:46 PM
Hi Guys I thought I would post this to fellow people who are thinking about the big move we are going to a FREE migration Seminar with NAB bank next week in Leeds. The information covered during the seminar will include the following topics: Purchasing Australian or New Zealand property- Moving your personal possessions - Opening an Australian or New Zealand Bank Account- Transferring money to Australia or New Zealand- Tax and pension considerations-The economies. The session is designed to be informative, not a sales push, and you should consider this as an opportunity to ask your questions and get some answers from experts. If anyone is interested and lives near Leeds it may be worth attending and I know they do other seminars throughout the UK quite regularly. To book a place you can contact the UK team on 07920500238. Just thought it might be of some interest to some people. Many thanks Debbie