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Kids Bike Query       started by kendalg on 19 Apr 2011   (23514)
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From kendalg

19 Apr 2011 8:47 PM
My little 8 yr old girl needs a new bike and wondered whether there are any good and reasonably priced stores in Perth. We are coming over in September but wondered whether we would be cheaper to buy here in the UK and ship it over or wait until we get there. Thanks Kendal
From tisme

To kendalg

19 Apr 2011 10:06 PM
I just bought a bike in Kmart for my 8 year old grandson for $79, good bike for the price, he'll grow out of it before it falls apart.
From Marshy

To kendalg

19 Apr 2011 10:11 PM
Good quality bikes that last are expensive here. My teenage daughters bike (a GIant) cost me $400. I could have got one at Big W for a quarter of the price but the quality wasn't as good.