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Bricklayer moving to Perth any advice       started by Dafydd on 04 May 2011   (23544)
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From Dafydd

04 May 2011 7:30 PM
Hi I'm a 30 years old bricklayer I have been doing the trade since leaving school at 16. I will be arriving in Perth late July after some advice on the beast way to go about things when I arrive. For example finding work and getting all the necessary paperwork to do so. I would be grateful for any info Kind Regards Dafs
From stevemc

To Dafydd

06 May 2011 4:18 PM
hi, you will have to get TFN and ABN number first which can take a few weeks, then get the west australian paper wed or sat 1st thing in morning and ring soon as possible. jobs can be gone by 730am. there are a few ads for brickies labourers and brick pavers but only a couple for brickies in an area that covers 1.5 million. i was looking for a couple of weeks and when i got the job, the guy said he had a 100 calls! he listened to the messages over the weekend and rang me monday. i drove around a lot of sites too, it is difficult without contacts. it is very slow at the moment but it will boom at some point.
From Dafydd

To stevemc

07 May 2011 6:20 AM
Thanks Steve I will have a look on the tax website to see if I can apply before arriving to save time hopefully the boom won
From lisaann

To Dafydd

29 May 2011 10:47 PM
Hi my husbands a builder and were just starting to apply for a visa have you done the skills test yet if so what did it consist off Many thanks Lisa and mark