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What happens after GCSE?       started by CoolAllie on 05 May 2011   (23545)
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From CoolAllie

05 May 2011 1:14 AM
Hi I am moving to Perth later this year and my son finishes his GCSE's in July 2012, so is staying in the UK to complete them. Does the Australia education system have A-Levels, I cant find any information except on Baccalaureate . If he has to do the Baccalaureate will his GCSE's count towards that, or how does he get enough qualifications to enter uni? Any help appreciated, thanks Allie
From babs_andy

To CoolAllie

07 May 2011 7:06 PM
Hi Allie, There's no such thing as GCSEs or A Levels in Australia. Each state in Australia has its own education system and thus what you call each grade level, and at what age you start it, is different. Not sure where your son would enter the education system, whether it would be in Grade 11 or Grade 12. Yr 11/12 is where you sit university entrance subjects/exams or do vocational based units if you want to head to college. Have a look at this website for more information. They may be able to give you further guidance