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sponsor wanted       started by lisaann on 05 May 2011   (23548)
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From lisaann

05 May 2011 6:06 AM
Hi Myself and family are looking to move to perth.We are just starting the visa application process now, my husband is a builder and will have to do a vetassess test has anyone done this test if so what does the practical consist of? any help, tips or contacts would be fantastic. Many thanks Lisa and mark
From Clairelc

To lisaann

01 Jul 2011 2:27 AM
My husband was a builder/bricklayer in the UK and he applied as a bricklayer for the visa therefore did the vetassess test for bricklayer. If this is the same one your husband will be doing we would be very happy to speak to you about it. Let me know.