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Advice on Job offer       started by jessez39 on 11 May 2011   (23562)
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From jessez39

11 May 2011 12:27 AM
Hi everyone, I follow your discussions... as my husband and I have been thinking to move over there for the past few years. We have three kids ( two under 3 & 12 yrs old). We currently live in Scotland and we own our house here very confortable and plenty space. My husband has been offered a job in Perth on a local Australian contract, they are offering him $87k a year plus super contributions and we are wondering if that is enough to live by. I have noted through this site that the cost of living and housing over there is higher compared with UK, we get worried as we would not sell our house here which make it difficult as we will have to pay around
From TanyaWhoriskey

To jessez39

12 May 2011 5:05 PM
Hi My fiance has a job offer on a 457 VISA with a local employer which means they are sponsoring him. This means that by default (as his de facto partner) I am also included on this VISA. The great thing for me is that I am free to work in any capacity for whoever I want, or not work at all. Check if your husbands employer will sponsor him? As for cost of living, I've learned that certain things are more expensive, but for us living in London, houses in Perth aren't any more expensive, plus we'll rent ours out in the UK. I have friends who have lived in perth and also some that were born and raised there and they insist that the cost of living is much cheaper as life tends to be outdoors, i.e. you don't have to pay for being entertaining indoors due to bad weather (cinema, bowling etc etc).
From jessez39

To TanyaWhoriskey

12 May 2011 7:09 PM
Thank you Tanya, I think they will sponsor him as they say it will take 3 months the application for the visa, they also will give him relocation help (advice and shipment of stuff). If I can work overthere will make life much easier and able to pay our mortgage if the house here is not rented. Still scary to move our three kids and leave everything we know!
From TanyaWhoriskey

To jessez39

12 May 2011 7:26 PM
No worries, your's is the better position to be in. If your husband is sponsored by an Employer, his VISA is tied to that one employer so he has to remain working for them, whereas you have freedom to work for whomever. If in the future, if he wants to change jobs and another employer is willing to take over his sponsorship, then that is also OK, but he won't have as much freedom as you have. The 457 Visa is for 4 years so it'll give you enough time to decide whether a life down under is for you or not.