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getting my car to Perth       started by leannewinn2511 on 11 May 2011   (23563)
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From leannewinn2511

11 May 2011 2:58 AM
Does anyone know how much it costs to ship your car over to Perth?
From Jan311

To leannewinn2511

11 May 2011 7:06 AM
It will depend on a number of things:- are you moving your household goods as well, will be cheaper if you can put the car in the same container. Obviously more expensive if you put it in a container on it's own but will be cheaper if you ship it as a part container lot that someone else fills but this takes longer as you are reliant on someone else needing the amount of space that is left over in the container - best thing is to check with any of the moving companines in UK. Perth end you will have inspection fee etc and then 5% duty on the Australian value of the car and 10% GST (VAT)