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If I have extra room in Container???       started by thetrainors on 16 May 2011   (23578)
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From thetrainors

16 May 2011 1:35 PM
Hello All, just wondering if I happen to have extra room in my 20ft container what should I get to fill it? No need to waste the space! I have seen some comments about extra toiletries, bedding and towels.......any other suggestions? I'm only doing this move once and want to get it right!
From Perth42

To thetrainors

17 May 2011 10:07 PM
Hi We are going to fill it with everything we can lol! Our friend in Oz have asked us to bring over low energy light bulbs as they are very expensive in WA - I have bought a box of 48 ready for the big move! Good luck
From thelees

To thetrainors

17 May 2011 11:08 PM
some good boots for yourself... you might think thats hilarious, but they are expensive girlie fashion here to replace. The uplighters/shades that match bed side lamps/bedding etc., if you are a co-ordinated girlie, they have glass ones here depending on your taste, can be quite stark... I'm now thinking about making curtains for our whole house, my windows are all down to the floor and cover a whole wall (which is pretty standard here on new and old builds) - its going to cost a fortune room by room. Didn't bother me in the first few years with just blinds, but as you go winter by winter you miss the cosy factor! and want to reduce the noise travelling factor! mine are 84' drop by 95' wide (inside reveal measurement) - so if you get the widest you can by standard UK 90/92' drop you be good. Infact now i've typed this I might just order them on-line and pay the shipping! probably cheaper. Those would be my 3 most coveted items.... not that bad a list really. Good Luck in your move Pauline
From vpopplewell

To Perth42

21 May 2011 7:08 PM
Hi Hun, Could you bring me a shoe box of cheap car air freshers ( the cheap 50p one's) as well please Marie ? The cheap one's here are about $5 and crap. I would tell all who are coming to Perth to bring AS MUCH AS YOU CAN OF EVERTYTHING !! Remember you can always sell it when you get here if you don't need it. You get much more here for second hand stuff than you do in the U.K. Vanessa