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Sponsership Approval....       started by skhgraham on 16 May 2011   (23579)
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From skhgraham

16 May 2011 11:59 PM
Hello All, its been a while since i was on this site so just a little update, we will have been here 4 yrs this July, we are very settled as in we have a home to call our own, the kids are both settled nicely in School, i work part time, me and hubby have been running our own business since July 2010. With a skill shortage in our area (Regional SA) we have applied for a Standard Business Sponserhip from the Immi dept. Has anyone out there ever done this before??!!?? Following the online application we have applied been allocated a case officer and now they are requesting more information on the business we run and certain aspects of it. I know this is a strange request as normally its from people who are wanting visas to get into Oz, i am just trying to gather more information to help me in my next quest with the Immigration Dept - If anyone can help or has been down this road or knows someone that has, i would gladly like to hear from you. PS im heading back to blighty this weekend, an unexpected trip home but for great reasons - family wedding! Im so looking forward to seeing family but i know i will miss my new life in oz...Thanks