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Mandurah Baptist School- Thoughts ?       started by Mindblower on 01 Jun 2011   (23604)
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From Mindblower

01 Jun 2011 10:51 PM
Hi We have been in W.A for 3 years. Our 8 yrs boy has been to S Harbour primary,and Maranatha private for the last year and a half. We have finally got a registration for Mandurah Baptist after a 2 yr wait. Should we move him for a 3rd time in 3 yrs ? the it a better school ? or are they all the same ? Still not comfy with the academic side of schools here, too laid backand too soft. More painful when you leave a top Ofsted rated chrisian school in UK. He's reasonably happy at Maranatha, but no close friends as such...hmmm
From donaa2

To Mindblower

02 Jun 2011 10:05 AM
Hi there, a difficult dilemma for you and I guess no one has the answers. We have only been here 5 months and again left behind top rating schools in the UK. I too am still not very impressed with the education system and the schools that the boys have gone to although they are both reputed to be the better ones in the area we are. They are far less disciplined and I wonder sometimes what they do in the school day. However I have to Remind myself that was one of the reasons that we chose to make the move to Australia as I thought there was too much pressure put on the children in the UK at school and they were almost forced to grow up too quickly and deal with too much pressure to achieve all the time. So for me I guess we can't have it both ways but it is very difficult to forget what you know and are used to. At the end of the day as long as they are happy and are supported and nurtured at home I do believe that our children will achieve and reach their potentials in life. As for friends, that is something that my youngest seems to struggle with although he is extremely sociable seeks those 'best' friends he had in the UK and of course they aren't here and are irreplaceable . I reassure him it will take time to develop those friendships again. If I was you I would ask my son what he wanted to do and whether he wanted to move again and maybe Write down the pros and cons and get your son to join in with this exercise. Sorry not much help really but just some thoughts. I do understand your dilemma and as a parent you just so much want to do the right thing, it is the hardest job in the world. Oh for that crystal ball. Hope you come to a decision quickly and without too much heartache. Andrea.x
From Mindblower

To donaa2

02 Jun 2011 11:11 AM
Thanks. Added pressure to make something of himself as there are now only 3 of us left on both sides...sigh.. He will need to be working and financially independent.
From brown2008

To Mindblower

02 Jun 2011 11:14 PM
Hello Dave & Wendy We too had an offer for our son to go to MBC, we have decided to keep him in FCC, opposite Peel, its a great school, were happy there, but if MBC came up again say beginning of next year, then we would probably move. It has a good rep, however, like all, they are growing fast. FCC remains small, only 15 child pre class with a teacher and an assistant. The main focus is happiness for you all, more so your son, I'm sure alot of SH children go there?. Thoughts are with you, Hope things are good with you all otherwiae, be in touch soon Angie
From Mindblower

To brown2008

03 Jun 2011 10:05 AM
Cheers Ange