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Bankruptcy       started by Lyncli on 05 Jun 2011   (23610)
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From Lyncli

05 Jun 2011 11:32 AM
Has anyone who has come over to Australia, gone bankrupt in the UK whilst here and what are the inplications? Private message if you prefer.
From KathrynG

To Lyncli

06 Jun 2011 5:16 PM
Am I reading this right, are you saying has someone gone bankrupt in the UK whilst living in Australia? That would have to mean they have property or a business still in the UK? If they are not citizens of Australian or a permanent resident then I expect it will be depermental to their application to stay for good. I remember it asking that question on the visa application. I know the Authorities in the UK can track us Brits over here if they need to.