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Aussiemove on Facebook       started by Kieren on 09 Jun 2011   (23626)
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From Kieren

09 Jun 2011 6:37 PM
Hi fellow forumites! Just a quick note to let you all know that the Aussiemove site now has it's own 'official' FaceBook site (nothing to do with me this time!). See the 'Like' button, top right hand corner of this page. There was one that a good number of people (68 in fact) registered to it (or 'liked' it), but was an un-official page I created back in October 2007 when I was getting into FaceBook. Please register on the new one, the first link above, and support Geoff and the forum. It's been a pleasure but that old FaceBook page will be deleted shortly. As I said, it had a good number of people on it, but please head over to the new site instead from now on. A message to all members of the original page has been sent out. All the best, KIEREN
From Aussiemove

To Kieren

09 Jun 2011 7:48 PM
Thanks Kieren, for setting up the original facebook group and for telling that group about the new page. I'm not a very active Facebooker, but I've decided it's a good idea for Aussiemove to be on there, to raise the profile of the site. I'm also starting on some major upgrades to the site over the next few months (they're long overdue). So, any Aussiemovers who are also on Facebook, please follow the link and give us a 'LIKE'. best wishes, Geoff @ Aussiemove