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overwhelmed       started by borky2000 on 15 Jun 2011   (23635)
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From borky2000

15 Jun 2011 5:05 PM
Feeling abit overwhelmed by how much stuff I have to do by the 23rd August. House to sell, 2 cars to sell. Removal people are coming on the 28th July. I have lists for my lists at the moment. Words of comfort please!!!!!
From Mindblower

To borky2000

15 Jun 2011 8:11 PM
Keep refining and working through to -do lists.....each one done is one less...good luck
From cracker

To borky2000

17 Jun 2011 8:22 AM
Know that feeling well, think most of us who ever make this type of move go through it. Just keep working through your to-do list, each tick is a step closer. Take a step away from it all every now and then. our movers arrive on 4th July and still got 1 car, 1 trailer, 1 motorbike, 2 lawnmowers to sell and stuff on ebay that we don't want to take. Just take your time and work through your list and if it all gets too much go sit down with a glass of wine and relax, it will all come together and it be so worth it when you get there. Try not to stress and yell out if you think you need help
From debs1966

To borky2000

18 Jun 2011 4:58 AM
Ditto we are too in the same boat. We arrive in Perth on 28th August and shipping company aarrives 8th August. I cannot believe 6 months ago seemed like the time was going so slow now every week seems to be going so quick but I am trying not to stress too much about it if I can. I trying to do lots of car boots to get rid of my junk. It will all come together in the end. Good luck Debs
From borky2000

To debs1966

18 Jun 2011 5:32 PM
I have already done two boot fairs, but I still have more junk. What part of perth are you settling in and when do you start work. We can't decided if we are going to ship our car, they are so expensive in OZ.