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dog to oz       started by paulashurst on 17 Jun 2011   (23640)
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From paulashurst

17 Jun 2011 6:44 AM
any advice on who to use to get our dog to perth from the north west of england . any company names that have been used would be great thanks
From cracker

To paulashurst

17 Jun 2011 7:51 AM
We used Airpets when we moved from UK to NZ couple of years ago and didn't have a propblem, even got the crates to us earlier so we could get the dogs used to them, crates where of a good size. As we had the crates early we where able to use a mini bus to get us all down to Heathrow airport from Sheffield as we all flew the same day but I did put them on a different airline as I didn't think I could cope knowing they where in the hold of the same plane as me. Watch for you vet bills, we moved to dogs and it cost 1000 pds 5 years ago Best advise is to ring round a few of the companies and speak to them and go with who gives you the most confidence and who you feel most comfortable with when you speak with them. My eldest dog was 16 when he flew out to NZ and he was 100% fine when he arrived, we enjoyed another 4 years with him in NZ, the younger dog is about to rack up his airmiles as we move from NZ to Perth early July, we havn't got the crates early this time but I have borrowed collapsable cages to get them used to be caged again. Hope the move goes well